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sura 30Oct2011 01:49

How to send sms using c++
hi guys ,Here i am trying a program about encoding my question is if someone gives the password wrong for 3 times then i want to send an SMS to the user mobile ..........
can someone tell how to do that through c++

Alex.Gabriel 30Oct2011 02:31

Re: How to send sms using c++
Best way is to lock the account then send email to account holder email address then keep it locked untill some security steps are made. (e.g. secret answer to a secret question). sms is sent through a mobile carrier and i dont think that you want to pay for all forgotten passwords/ hacking atempts. if you want i can make and integrate a login system with what features you want with php.

sura 30Oct2011 19:38

Re: How to send sms using c++
how you send an email through c++?
could you mind creating a login system that can send sms to user mobile when it is hacked in php for me ....

xpi0t0s 31Oct2011 04:31

Re: How to send sms using c++
What facility do you have on your computer for sending SMS's? The manufacturer's software development kit documentation will tell you how to use it. Or do you plan to send SMS's some other way, e.g. over the internet somehow, and if so, how exactly?

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