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alizinho 25Jan2007 21:00

help is needed from the experts

i have been looking for a simple wireless text message Kit with no luck so far....!!!

The application is to wirelessly monitor a process of a liquid level status (low, medium, Hi) and other system alarms to be displayed on an LCD

i would like to know HOW ? and what is the simplest way to do it ??

i found a wirless TX & RX kits known as TXE & RXD 433 , but i am still looking for another kit, which will store 10 text messages each of 7-charachters that will be integrateded with the TXE 433 & the RXD 433 for sending and receiving these text messages and to be display at the receiver side

The system inputs are NO contacts and pulled to ground to activate an alarm message
knowing that the transmission of each of the 10 messagaes would be based on a priority, first come first serve.......etc and the display must scroll automatically to show all messages in asequence

is there any kit that accomodateses these features.

i have limited knowledge in microprocssor programming and interface, unless if there is a learning kit that explains step by step How to?

any help will be highly appreciated

All for one and one for all

shabbir 25Jan2007 21:31

Re: help is needed from the experts
Try giving some good titles so it helps people to search as well help you in a better manner. I would suggest you try reading Before you make a query.

alizinho 25Jan2007 23:28

Re: wireless alarm message kit.!!!!
thanks for your respond, i have changed the title to help others...and i have already done my duedelligence in the search engine generally speaking.......!!! i still could not find any kit on HOW TO ?? or a STEP By STEP learning method to answer my inquiry....
all for one and one for all

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