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kajal.pillai22 21Oct2011 18:52

Some SEO Factors
Hello Friends,
I would like to share with you about SEO Factors. SEO is one of the most talked about aspect of the Internet world. It is used by websites all over the world to achieve high rankings and direct traffic for better business. Here we explain some of the most important ones.

1) On Page SEO: On page SEO was the only thing that mattered years ago, but things are very different now. These days it's important to have both on site and off site SEO if you want to rank well in the SERP's. The most important factor when considering on page SEO is having your targeted keyword phrase in your domain name.Also structure your content so that it has a 3-5% density of your targeted keyword phrase. It's also important to use synonyms of your main keyword phrase, in other words, find related phrases for your main keyword and use them in the body of your content.

2) Off Page SEO: The Following common ways of getting backlinks to your site.

1) Post comments on blogs that don't have the "no follow" tag on their links
2) Write articles and submit them to as many article directories as you can
3) Submit your pages to social bookmarking sites
4) Create and Submit a press release about your site
5) Post the forums in your niche with a link in your signature

A big part of off page optimization is the actual text that other sites use to link to you. This is called anchor text, and it's very important for optimizing your site. Anchor text is used to tell people what your site is about. Make sure that you use a variation of related keyword phrases in your anchor text because Google likes link variation.

TM-Ali 25Oct2011 10:50

Re: Some SEO Factors
You have miss the internal linking optimization. And in off page thematic link building with relevant web pages.

shabbir 25Oct2011 12:45

Re: Some SEO Factors
The most important SEO factor which very few mention is COMPETITION.

silvan4now 2Nov2011 18:02

Re: Some SEO Factors

Originally Posted by shabbir (Post 88407)
The most important SEO factor which very few mention is COMPETITION.

i totally agree here
and just think on how much competition in the last decade you have on every keyword/product. with more and more people knowing about SEO the online market is also starting to be a fierce battle ground!

perfectionm 9Jul2012 17:21

Re: Some SEO Factors
There are two types of SEO factors on-page and off-page seo factors which is helpful to increase your website’s search engine raking
On-Page Factors

1 URL and Domain
2 Keyword in title tag
3 Heading tags (H1, H2, etc)
4 Navigation (few clicks to any page)
5 Freshness of pages
6 And much more…

Off-Page Factors

1 Total incoming links
2 Incoming links from high-ranking pages
3 Anchor text of inbound link
4 Directory links, especially from DMOZ.org.
5 And much more…

ozsubasi 9Jul2012 19:15

Re: Some SEO Factors
I don't think this thread is going anywhere, except more posts with lists of on page and off page factors which are already well known.
Thread Closed.

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