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Darkhood 18Oct2011 20:10

Software Help
Are there special softwares needed to hack an email account or a facebook account. Also are the ways to get into someones phone (Blackberry) if its connected to the internet and see the messages?? And suggest some cookie stealing software for me??

hanleyhansen 19Oct2011 00:48

Re: Software Help
There is no such thing as software the does the work for you. You need to understand the underlying technology to be able to penetrate it IF there is a vulnerability.

Darkhood 19Oct2011 03:46

Re: Software Help
Alright thanks and do u know a way to tap a phone??/

hanleyhansen 19Oct2011 08:52

Re: Software Help
Sorry. Can't help you there.

Darkhood 19Oct2011 19:46

Re: Software Help

icecube_media 20Oct2011 10:43

Re: Software Help
there is not particular way to do this, you can use social hacking attack for this, that is not fully 100% its just a guess. but its illegal to hack , so don't try this.

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