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theodoremier 10Oct2011 07:29

Need free SEO tutorials for beginners
Hi everyone,

I've been searching this to google but I can't still figure out how to do exactly. If you can point some free SEO tutorials for beginners it would be great.

Click SSL 3Nov2011 17:02

Re: Need free SEO tutorials for beginners
Well Google can provide answer for your any query.. Anyway Search Engine Optimization is a technique that places the website on high rank in search engine result page through natural or organic searches. There are two kind of SEO on page and off page. There are some important technique for Off Page SEO that given below.


Article is an effective technique of SEO. You can write the article on relevant topics and published on, blogs, article directories, and web portals for the industry, online magazines, and many others. These are ways for you to promote your site, get added back links.

Though search engine cannot understand image, symbol, or flash content, texts become only way to get identification in search engines. Proper density of the keywords in the article plays an important role in getting search-engine's attention.


The latest trend of online advertising is blogging. It is very important technique for the SEO. Blog is the place where you share your ideas and people read it and learn from it. You can get traffic from that. Another benefit of having blog is you can advertise your web page and post your offers. If you have good keywords on your blog, good back links and traffics the search engine will rank it well.

Directories submission:-

It is very easy to submit directory. It is like listing a phone number in a directory. There are two methods for submitting links to the web directories. The first method is automatic submission (through software) and second is manual submission. Manual submission needs time and efforts.

Submitting press releases:-

There are many PR sites on the internet that accept press releases. With this you will be able to write an article about your company and product you are promoting including a link back to your website.


Forum is an easy way to get links in order to get traffics and thus reach on top in search engine results. Many forums allow you to include a link of in the signature area. You have to register your account for that. To get proper information people will visit this forum. You can create good traffic by the forum activity or posting, for these the created links will be of big use.

Social Bookmarking:-

Social bookmarking is a process that involves grouping and storing bookmarks, just like a person would add any website to his favorites. . It is a way to have the pages of your website bookmarked is through sign ups and submissions to the famous bookmarking sites.

jhonden 3Nov2011 17:12

Re: Need free SEO tutorials for beginners
Type SEO tutorials in Youtube and you will get to find 100 and 1000 of video lessons over there. Moreover you can download a book called "Art of SEO" it is one of the best book on SEO. Read it nad you will learn from top to bottom of seo.

mirandu85 8Nov2011 19:20

Re: Need free SEO tutorials for beginners
also there is a lot of stuff on some torrent site!

Apoorva 20Jan2012 15:27

Re: Need free SEO tutorials for beginners
You can find many free tutorials on SEO on the internet. My suggestion is, join some quality message boards and forums on SEO. One can easily learn SEO through them and ask anything if required.

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