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yoyoma 6Oct2011 06:46

Hi crackin'and GoogleHacking peepzz..
Hi everyone,i thought it would be sociable to stick my head inhere aswell, so, whatup.?

Dont you expect anything good, or impressive from this area here, i am not "hacked google, yahoo, ladieda, bluh bluh" like i see many people write into there threads...llloll

I do nothing, im lazy, i just love to read attempts of people,to get someone who knows what he's doing to decrypt a code , so turn to forums like this, and publish their ""masterplan":surprised", that they write so brilliantly, it will fool anyone...!What a talent : "Hi, i have a friend that has a facebook acount hacked...now i found out who did it, but i only have the hashcode of him/her can someone tell me bla bla bla..... ..Could someone crack this..? ""

RIGHT??!?? RIGHT??!!?? Hilarious....

But anyway, keep on goin scriptkiddies , it fills up my boring weekdays with some top knotch laugh-salvo's!!
Oh yeah, and i love the tutorials here aswell, posted by the "inner core" i guess,they are quite good! One tip newbies, :freak:THINK before you scribble something here, its not that hard to (NOT CRACK, a hashcode is COMPARED WITH databases that contain other hashc. , and they cannot be "cracked", take a nut or something, you can crack them silly!) great stuff.... SEEYA.. :D:D

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