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aryan123 1Oct2011 22:49

VPN and proxy server?
If a site is banned in some organization, we surf that banned site through a proxy server. So what is happening inside?

I know proxy servers maintain logs, so they are not secure.

Virtual private connection is better than proxy server because they do not maintain logs.

I want to understand the basics of both the things: VPN & proxy server.

Can anyone please answer these in simple language..

masterwarner 8Nov2011 02:31

Re: VPN and proxy server?
If you see in true sense, they are same.

But proxy is a set of protocol that negotiates on your behalf.

While VPN is just like an access to another PC. Just like a remote desktop.

aryan123 8Nov2011 23:24

Re: VPN and proxy server?
Thanks for ur reply.. i hv been waiting for someone to clear my dbouts.

if i access a site ABC through VPN, will the site administrator of ABC gets my IP address & can trace me( if required).. If not, then it would really be a lapse of security.

I have heard that hackers mostly use VPN so that they can't be traced.. is that so?

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