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robguy 24Jan2007 11:07

Game Crash Help
I don't know if i'm posting this in the right section because it mostly has to do with directX8 but here it goes...

Heres the situation, me and my friend are currently working on a very HUGE computer science project. We have created a simple fighting game which works nicely.... on most computers. Here is the problem. On my home computer i can play the game perfectly without any errors or crashes. But when i play it on slower and, let's say not so great computers IT CRASHES. Basically my character animates up to 7 frames but if it is set to 10 frames, it will only get to the seventh then crash. I would simply set it to 7 frames but then my character looks like a fool because he walks like he has a limp. This seems like a easy fixable error but i just cant seem to crack the code. I sat here for seval hours trying to figure out why it won't animate any further than 7 frames but i just can't get it . If anyone has the solution to this problem i would be SO HAPPY, especially since this project is due tommorow and i plan on staying up until it is done. Did i mention i like to sleep. I won't be able to do this hobby of mine if i am working on my project hours on end. So finally, your help will be greatfully appreciated by me and friend

love Rob

shabbir 24Jan2007 13:32

Re: Game Crash Help
You have posted it as VB Article under the Article / Source code section. I have moved it to the Queries and Discussion forum.

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