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shellz 26Sep2011 08:08

Hi all>>
Hi.. I'm shella.. I'm new in this forum.. Hope i can learn a lot of things from u guys...:nice:

shabbir 26Sep2011 08:23

Re: Hi all>>
Hi shella and welcome to the forum

neeraj_77 26Sep2011 13:11

Re: Hi all>>
Hi shella!
I am Neeraj and Your well come here.

marino.DV 27Sep2011 16:38

Re: Hi all>>
hello Shella and wish you a worm welcome

shellz 30Sep2011 11:03

Re: Hi all>>
@Mr shabbir, Neeraj and Marino.. thanks for your warm welcome..

shabbir 30Sep2011 13:33

Re: Hi all>>
The pleasure is all mine.

dinahcarry 3Oct2011 15:13

Re: Hi all>>
Great! Welcome to the forum. Enjoy posting :)

mirandu85 3Oct2011 16:20

Re: Hi all>>
hey there and welcome home should I say :P

silvan4now 4Oct2011 15:23

Re: Hi all>>
nice to have a girl on this forum. Also nice to see that girls get involved with programming languages.

shellz 13Oct2011 10:39

Re: Hi all>>
@Dinahcarry , Mirandu n Silvan4now.. nice to know u guys..

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