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hanleyhansen 24Sep2011 21:57

Help with PHP Mailer
Can someone help me figure this out?


Each of the buttons link to a form but I am getting an error when I send them. Funny thing is that it works fine when i put it on my linux host but when I put it on the server running wamp i get the error. How can I resolve this?

shabbir 25Sep2011 08:09

Re: Help with PHP Mailer
Not sure I understand your query.

hanleyhansen 25Sep2011 08:14

Re: Help with PHP Mailer
Windows isn't working with the PHP mail function. The same website works fine when I put it on my Linux box and all the forms work. But when I move the directory to apache in windows under WAMP the PHP stopped working. I open short tags but now I'm still getting another error. What is the work around so that I can send php mail in windows? I think the problem has something to do with windows ignoring the the sendmail_path setting. Isn't that a unix thing only?

shabbir 25Sep2011 08:26

Re: Help with PHP Mailer
Use SMTP to send emails using PHP

hanleyhansen 28Sep2011 19:20

Re: Help with PHP Mailer
I ended up just switching to a linux server now all forms are working fine.

CarlyFiorina 27Oct2011 17:44

Re: Help with PHP Mailer

I would like to say, PHP email transport class featuring file attachments, SMTP servers, Ccs, BCCs, HTML messages, word wrap, and more. Sends email via send-mail, PHP mail, Qmail, or with SMTP. New PHPMailer for PHP5 released!!

Nice to meet you:)
Carly Fiorina

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