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sbglobal79 22Sep2011 12:09

Automatic Updation of PR
Dear Members
I am asp.Net web developer in SB Global Infosoft and want coding for Automatic updation of Page Rank of the Url saved in our database.

shabbir 22Sep2011 16:49

Re: Automatic Updation of PR
Just use Google API to update each url but make sure you limit the number of queries or else Google would ban your IP

CarlyFiorina 8Oct2011 15:26

Re: Automatic Updation of PR

Thanks to sharing yours automatic updating of pr information, ASP. NET is a framework for building web sites and web applications.

Best regards;)
Carly Fiorina

elggdevelopers 12Mar2012 13:00

Re: Automatic Updation of PR
Yes deat Shabbir says right you can Use Google API.

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