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starr05 20Sep2011 09:43

Form Validation
I am new to php and I was suggested that I use form validation in my php, but I dont know how. Anyone willing to help?

This is what I got so far that works:

PHP Code:


mail("myemailaddres@gmail.com","Subject: $subject",
$message,"From: $first_name <$email_address>");

"Thank you for using our mail form.<br/>";
"Your email has been sent.";

pein87 23Sep2011 04:33

Re: Form Validation
Basically you need to validate the data being send to the script. You can find a bunch of free validaters for text, email, phone numbers, ip etc...

starr05 23Sep2011 04:51

Re: Form Validation
Thanks! :happy:

c_user 3Dec2011 23:51

Re: Form Validation
The above code sends an email to e-mail address provided by the user..

raju_mars 25Jan2012 20:35

Re: Form Validation
Your website user send mail to u....

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