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stephon 18Sep2011 23:33

A Question about the Capabilities of C++
Hi, I have been getting interesting in programming recently and decided to learn c++. I've figured out how to create variables and output statements and such, however, I fail to see how the console applications can have any use outside the box. Basically, I'd like to know what lies in the c++ future and whether learning it would be worth the learning. I'd like a list of many applications I could build with C++ that have effects worth using over and over. Thank you in advance.

xpi0t0s 19Sep2011 00:48

Re: A Question about the Capabilities of C++
There's so much more to C++ than simple console programs, but that's where you learn the language and you have to do your time there. Where to go next really depends on what you want to do next; do you want to do embedded programming, games, GUI stuff, application development, comms, OS extensions, do you want to get involved in Linux kernel development, and so on and so on. C++ can do anything that any other computer language can do, in fact most other languages can be *written* in C++, so yes it's definitely worth learning.

The only reason in fact not to learn C++ is if there is a language that exists that matches specifically what you want to do. If you want to write banking programs then you'll almost certainly have to forget all about C++ and learn COBOL instead. C++ can do *anything*.

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