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g1948 12Sep2011 13:06

Links exchange proposal

My name is Orly and I am handing s few sites Seo about several subjects.

We have a link-exchange proposal for you.

You will get 1 link from our sites with anchor relevant to your site.

You will give 1 link from one of your sites to one of us.

The benefit for you is that we will promote our subjects and it will be likewise from your side.

Please say if it suits you.

With compliments

The Content and Tec Department
The graphical links portal
Mainframe Systems Ltd.
Cell: 972 54 -4991948

shabbir 12Sep2011 14:14

Re: Links exchange proposal
Moved to Marketplace and infraction left.

alexander007 14Sep2011 08:06

Re: Links exchange proposal
Can you provide your site list here?

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