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Syperus 6Sep2011 10:17

Hacking Single Player Games


Have you ever wondered how everyone creates trainers for games that allow you to get infinite ammo, health, weapons, money, and whatever else the game supports? What they do is find the memory addresses of that feature and put it into the program. Iím going to show you how to get these in Call of Duty Black Ops Zombie mode. If you ever decide to get more advanced with memory editing, you should look into Reverse Engineering. A couple tools that are extremely useful for this is OllyDBG and IDA Pro Disassembler.


You really donít need to have a background in game hacking to use this. This was made for beginners to understanding game hacking. Hopefully this article will inspire others to expand their knowledge and dive into reverse engineering!! Also youíll need to know whenever the releases a new patch or version update, youíll have to find the new static pointers all over again. Thatís just the way it works. Whenever something is changed in a program and is recompiled, memory addresses get reassigned.


  • DLC Ė Down Loadable Content. This is usually map packs or game extensions. A lot of game developers started using steam since steam already has a DLC platform
  • Pointer - Points to the current address. This changes when whenever you restart your game. This shows up as black text in the address window.
  • Static Pointer Ė This is the variable that points the memory address that never changes. Static pointers show up in the address window as green. These pointers never change unless a patch or newer version is released.
  • VAC Ė Valve Anti Cheat. This program is used by various games to scan your files for possible hacks. Most common file formats that are scanned are .exe and .dll, however it is likely to scan other file formats based on the game.

Tools required

I will be using Cheat Engine to demonstrate this hack. You can use whatever program you want that allows you to edit memory addresses. I also use MHS(Memory Hacking Software) developed by L.Spiro a lot. It offers a lot of features and scripts.


Use this information at your own risk. Neither I nor go4expert.com take any responsibility if you get your account banned, or somehow mess up your game and/or computer. If you follow the steps exactly there shouldnít be any problems. But do know people have been VAC banned for game hacking. I have been doing this for a long time now and never been banned, but it is possible.


Before we can start our fun, Iíll explain to you some of the important parts of the Cheat Engine GUI.

This can be a little disconcerting at first, but once you play around with it and get to know the features and windows, it will become a breeze. Now I will explain some of the layout. I have labeled some of the most commonly used parts of this program, however we will not use all of them

On the top left side of the program youíll see a computer icon with a green bar flashing around it. You click this icon to select the process you want to attach to, the process in this case being the game were about to have some fun with. Alternately you can also click on the Process and select the process from there if you prefer. Now onto the numbers
  1. This is the address window where all our scans will show up. Whenever you do a search using the number 4 box, it populates the address window.
  2. These are the buttons we use to conduct ours scans. The first button is labeled First Scan. Once you click this, the text will change to Next Scan. You will continue to use this button until you find your address and are ready to start a new scan. While using this button, it will scan whatever is in the address window instead of repeatedly scanning the entire process. The 2nd button that is labeled Next Scan in the picture will change to New Scan when you conduct your first search. You will use this button when you have completed your current search and are ready to begin a new one.
  3. Undo scan. This button allows you to undo the most current scan you did. This is useful for when you make a mistake. You can only go back once during a scan though so be careful.
  4. This is the text box you will use to define your search. For example if youíre looking for your health, default is usually 100 for most games, you would type 100 in the textbox then click First Scan which would then populate in the address window. *Note the Hex checkbox to the left of the textbox. You would use this when your wanting to scan a specific address. This is used when youíre getting into finding static pointers which will not be discussed in this article, but I do encourage you to learn more about it and the other features of this program.
  5. Scan type lets you define how you want to find your information. The default is exact value. So if you know what the value is your looking for you would use this. The other features from the drop down menu are:
    • Bigger than Ė This option lets you scan all values within the process that is bigger than the value you specified in the textbox (#4).
    • Smaller Than Ė Just the opposite of the Bigger than feature
    • Value Between Ė Scan values in-between two specified values
    • Unknown initial value Ė You use this scan when you donít know your value. This is often used in game hacking when youíre looking for the addresses for running speed, geographical location, and other options in the game that donít show numeric value.
  6. 6. This is the value type were looking for. There are several types, but were going to leave it at 4 bytes for this article.
  7. 7. When you know the address, you will use this button to add it manually. This is used for more advanced game hacking and will not be used in this article.
  8. 8. When you find the address youíre looking for, you scan double click it in the address window to bring it down to this window to start changing the values. This window has 5 sections to it: Active, Description, Address, Type, and Value. The Active part is where it allows you to freeze the value, thus unchanging the value. This is what we want for infinite ammo with no reload. The description part is where you describe the address so you can remember what it does. Address and type we wonít be messing with, and Value is where we can redefine our value giving us whatever we want!!
Ok so now that we have a basic understand of the layout, letís start having some fun!!!

First thing you need to do is start the game you want to mess around with. Iím going to point out right now this is only for client side hacking. Client side hacking is the process (the game were going to mess with) that is running on your computer. Most online games hold their values server side, which we cannot modify. Our hack for this game, however, will work with zombies online because when youíre playing zombies online youíre running the server from your computer, thus allowing you to modify all the values. So for this to work, you have to host the game. It will also be easier to run the game in window mode if the game has the option, if it doesnít just use alt+tab to cycle through your active windows. Ok so now our game is open. Start up Cheat Engine, click on the computer icon with the green flashing border around it and select the game, in this case itís BlackOps.exe. Now that the program is attached to the process, all the buttons become clickable and we can type in the textboxes. The first part Iím going to show you is how to get more money in black ops zombies.


When we start the game, our money (point value) is 500. So the first value were going to scan is going to be 500.

Notice that the first scan found 5,486 addresses with this value. Obviously we need to dwindle this down a bit. So what you need to do is change the value in game either by killing zombies, boarding up windows, buying perks, or opening up new areas. Once your money value has changed type the new value into the textbox and press the Next Scan button.

Oh look, my next value that I scanned was 660 and it dropped it down to 72 found in the address window. Now were a lot closer. Notice the top 2 addresses are green, which indicates these are static addresses (which we want). I know that the top address (01C079C8) is actually the address Iím looking for, but if youíre not sure change the value in game again and look back at that same address. When the value changes in game it will also change in the address window. If itís the correct address it will have your current money value. Now to ensure that was the address I shot a few more zombies which change my value to 1180.

Notice though the address is still the same (01C079C8). That means we have our pointer, in this case being the static pointer. Double click it and watch it appear in the lower window. Now we just double click the value portion and change the value to whatever we want.

I apologize I did not take a screen shot of the program after I double clicked it and put it into the bottom window before moving on to finding the ammo count. The next Cheat Engine screenshot shows both though.

Since we have the same address that changed in the address window that matches our points in game, we know this our address for the points, or money. Since this is also green, we know itís a static pointer and can save this table and load it up later without having to do these scans again.


Weíre going to do this just like we did with getting the infinite money. Once you find your ammo count were going to do a scan for that value. In my case with the above screen shot, my ammo count is 8. If you want to make it more interesting and want to have the speed cola perk be useful, you can scan for the overall ammo count. In my screenshot above it would be 18. This means you would have to reload thus using the speed cola perk, but will never run out of ammo.

Iím going to stick with the no reload for now though so Iíll never have to reload.

Ok I did my scanning starting with 8, then shooting 2 rounds and didnít even need to do a Next Scan. The address I need was at the top. So I double clicked the top value to put it in the window at the bottom, change its value, and checked the box under the Active section. What this did was freeze the value from changing. Infinite Ammo!!! Now if you want to set key binds for this to lock/unlock /increase value/decrease value, you can right click on the one you want and select ďSelect/Change hotkeysĒ. From there you would Create a new hotkey, set the key you want to bind(I like using the F1, F2 ect..), and set your condition whether youíre going to freeze the value from changing, increase the value, or decrease the value.

God mode

God mode is obtained the same way as the other values were. The only things you need to know to obtain god mode in Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies is:
  1. Your initial health value is 100. So before you get Jug, do your scan for 100.
  2. Once you get jug, your heath will increase to 250. Do your Next Scan for 250. This should lower the findings in the address window.
  3. Now you need to get hit once and pause the game (hit escape), and look for the values that decreased in your address window. Since you paused the game your health count will be locked until you go back to playing. *Note always try to find your god mode address in solo mode, so you can pause the game. When finding god mode for other players you will need to communicate and tell them when to get hit and watch for address changes. Youíll have to be quick about it when finding other players since there is no pause button for online mode.
  4. Repeat as many times as necessary to obtain that address.
Thatís it!!! The best way to get good at finding different addresses is practice. Donít just change random addresses as it will likely crash your game. Also be careful not to go overboard. If youíre going to do a level hack, make it realistic. Donít set yourself to level 200 because if you all die, it will upload that as your highest level to the online boards and you will likely get banned. I only use this to jump me and my friends to level 30 since we usually get up to the 40ís. Just gets us into the fun quicker.

Thanks for reading!!! Now, who wants to get down on some zombies???

P.S. I had to lower the quality of the pictures to ensure I was able to get them all loaded on here.

ManzZup 9Sep2011 12:21

Re: Hacking Single Player Games
a well explained one
very nice :D

hanleyhansen 15Sep2011 19:07

Re: Hacking Single Player Games
Good stuff! This is interesting. I wish I had the spare time then i would definitely do some game hacking.

nisha134 20Sep2011 13:03

Re: Hacking Single Player Games
dear thank for it.really its too good......

123571113171923 21Sep2011 00:39

Re: Hacking Single Player Games
looking for a very professional and expertised hack.

JohnAadam 16Nov2011 23:07

Re: Hacking Single Player Games
I had used it in online game farmville and guess it worked . But now its not working may be they have updated it .

Scripting 1Jan2012 17:27

Re: Hacking Single Player Games
I used it with online game s4 league, alongside with my anti-hack freezer :P It was fun, my first experience with real programming and with hacking as well :D

kickerr 5Apr2012 18:55

Re: Hacking Single Player Games
you really know what your doing NICE THREAD!!! Do you know how to mod a Game System

samex4rill 26May2015 08:59

Re: Hacking Single Player Games
Nice one bro.

really helpful

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