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The Meat 4Sep2011 01:53

Some Ethical Questions.
Some of you are here to learn how to create mischief. Obviously some sites deserve hacking more than others. My point is pretty simple. If you are going to do this go after people who you think are the worst scumbags

Money is power and money buys propaganda. There are some political forums are extremely biased. They claim to allow free speech but in reality they don't. They are run by liars with dishonest agendas.

Several years back somebody trashed Ann Coulter website and I think that was wrong even though she's a lying psycho but she in not pretending to be anything but a lying psycho. When a forum like advertises free speech but blatantly favors one side over another and bans members simply for winning arguments and presenting facts I think it sucks.

I would not advocate shutting down even racist or sick sites like Westboro Baptist. Everybody knows they are full of shit but what about sites that lie and enforce their rules with extreme bias. Let's take Fox News for example. They lie and claim to be fair and balanced and clearly they are not. If someone were to hack Fox and put them off the air I can't say as though I would be upset.

One of the worst offenders IMO is a site called Perspectives dot Com. I suspect they are a propaganda wing of the extreme right although they present with a veneer of free speech. I am not advocating anyone hack them. I am just pointing them out as an example of extreme dishonesty and hypocrisy.

The common man is an honest man and an ethical man. Corporations are often unethical. Is it too much like anarchy to have the common man own weapons? The Constitution says no.

The next wars are information wars. What weapons does the common man have? Most hacking you hear about is sinister and done for money. Banks get hacked and the common man gets screwed. Credit card numbers get stolen and the common man gets screwed.

IMO true justice is rare. What do you think about do it yourself justice? Is the moral compass of the common man distorted and the moral compass of corporations and the government they run honest?

If you are hell bent on hacking please don't do anything that hurts the common man.

fanleu 8Jan2012 20:38

Re: Some Ethical Questions.
Hello The Meat, we are in need of an expert to protect an important politician in South America from anonymous blogs and internet attacks, good pay.

If you would know anyone that may be interested in this job, please let me know so that we can get in contact.


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