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pramodets 3Sep2011 14:50

C and C++
C and C++ both are programming language.
C++ have OOPs concept.
In this time many easy language is available so why programmer will use C or C++.

Why both language are available in IT market.

shabbir 3Sep2011 17:34

Re: C and C++
I am yet to see a substitute of what C and C++ can do by those easy languages.

ManzZup 3Sep2011 19:49

Re: C and C++
exactly as shabbir said
you cannot make a kernel with those easy ones
because simply the easier ones depend on the harder c/c++ to run on it :D

if you are speaking about the funtionalities, of course languages like java are easier in use and manipulate,m yet you cannot comman java to do everything as c/c++ would do to you

dont except the world to remove c langs in the recent future

asitmahato 5Sep2011 14:42

Re: C and C++
every easy language available today are build from c/c++.

xpi0t0s 6Sep2011 01:59

Re: C and C++
Different languages are simply different tools in a programmer's toolbox. Just as a mechanic has different sized spanners, so a programmer has different languages. It's like asking a mechanic who has an adjustable spanner why he needs all the other ones - to some extent he won't, but there will be situations when an adjustable spanner adjusted to 13mm won't do the same as a 13mm fixed size spanner. If the "easy languages" suit your needs, then use one of those. Probably 90% of any application could be written in Basic of some kind, with the remaining 10% written in optimised C or C++ for speed. C and C++ are both complex to learn and if you find Basic easy to use and fits (most of) your needs, then you should learn Basic.

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