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hanleyhansen 2Sep2011 22:44

SEO Help!!
What are some things that I could this website to improve SEO:


I have no idea where to begin! Someone please point me in the right direction. Thanks!

shabbir 3Sep2011 09:29

Re: SEO Help!!
Move to Site Review forum.

mirandu85 26Sep2011 16:10

Re: SEO Help!!
nice one. The text should be on a different font !

bzforum 30May2012 20:53

Re: SEO Help!!
Do not overdo what you are doing on the home page... do not link to the same page again and again..

Rest all seems good try some social bookmarking and sharing your site on some social networking sites..you will get some good and genuine traffic for your site.

mialuzzatto 27Jan2016 18:50

Re: SEO Help!!

Please check this website.. - https://illuminatikarate.com/blog/5-...c-from-google/

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