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Muthukumaran 31Aug2011 07:59

Help Restore OS
guys plzzz help my computer got into a small problm but i tried my level best
i cant resolve it
d problm is
when i opend a wmv it shwd a dialague box to open wit
unknowngily i pressd a checkbox wit info:always use the selected program for like this kind of file
that applied for every file in my system as default i cant change over
plz help me

Muthukumaran 31Aug2011 08:04

Re: Count Number Of Occurrences
please help me guys
i knw how to restore my computer
but i dnt knw how to restore my computer for as i want
ex:it gives two opt
1)12\8\2011 windows update
2)11\8\2011 mcafe antivirus installed
no othr options
i want to restore to
plz helpm me how to do it

Muthukumaran 31Aug2011 08:08

Re: Count Number Of Occurrences
plz if any information abt my query

shabbir 31Aug2011 09:54

Re: iPhone App for G4E
You posted this in a thread where user makes suggestions for better use of forum and how do you even expect a reply to your issue. I even don't see it being viewed by majority of members

I have merged all your such posts in different thread into a single thread

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