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Prasanna S 25Aug2011 07:36

How To Use Social Media To Brand Services And Products
Social media has empowered the world and it has completely changed the way of doing business. It offers umpteen numbers of opportunities which were unimaginable in the past. New connections can be listed out and there are ways to reach out to a larger set of audience easily. Branding the services and products is not just for the big corporations. The importance and the kind of impact created through branding will be the same on all levels for all the companies irrespective of the size. The profile integration facility in social media websites will help the individuals to understand the potential of digital medium.

Every business would require unique identification and the enterprise owners are striving hard to reach out to the audience. Having a brand name, the business owners can easily influence the audience and promote their services and products. It feels great to have an identity in the market. There are several tools like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus which will help the individuals to build up a great portfolio to showcase their brand to the world.

Advantages of using social media:

The first and foremost advantage is the noticeable market share. These websites will help the individuals to get connected to a large set of people. There is no restriction or boundary when it comes to making friends. Will you be able to find 100 friends in a single day? It is possible with the internet dominating world through the use of social networking sites. This will draw a huge attention to the customer base. Adding a node to your customer database should not take more than a minute and it provides one of the simplest ways to meet new and interesting people.

The popularity of social media sites has also resulted in the development of several mobile applications. It encourages the users to access these sites from mobiles and other electronic gadgets. The number of people using Twitter and Facebook through their mobile is witnessing a huge increase. Surprisingly, the target audience in this market prefers to be the youth population on most grounds. They are energetic and passionate about these kinds of services. There are several advantages to be reaped and it depends upon the effectiveness of the strategies adopted.

Facebook Account:

It is very important to have a facebook account to manage your business contacts. Do you wonder how is it possible to manage business contacts using a personal tool? It is a very good place to stay in touch with several contacts and let them know about the updates. Similarly updates from the other contacts can be viewed and comments can be exchanged. This paves a beautiful way to get going with other business contacts. It leads to a personal level of contact which would improve the business relationships. This might directly or indirectly improve the business relationships and influence the buyers in case if they are consumers.

Twitter Account:

Twitter empowers your business to a great deal. There are several personalities who tweet on a daily basis. The information shared in this portal will be public by default. This can be beneficial when you improve the number of contacts and following above 200. It is possible to notice the real benefits growing up when you have the ability to see the live business tweets and opportunities which can be used like never before. Conversations and news can happen in the real time. If you are able to get connected with a celebrity via twitter and engage in a conversation, this will lead to a chain of conversation and in turn will increase your popularity. This will help you to brand your services and products in the latter stages. There will be more people interested to listen to you.

Digg Your News

Digg offers a splendid way to take your updates and information to millions of people in a way we have never seen it before. The potential information can be shared with the highest intensity level seen in the market. Information spreads like a virus. If you have a large audience set connected to this, the complete beenfits can be reaped easier. The ability to brand your services and products becomes very easy here. There are tools which will help you to read the articles and information posted by other marketers. If you can study and rate them, it will help in creating in a trust and reliability on your profile. People will be interested to know more about your services and products when you are popular here.

Content Writing And Blogging

Nothing sells like hot cakes. Effective blogging and writing can win you customers on all scenarios. It is an effective and excellent medium to convince the customers regarding the products and services. It is a great opportunity to transform your business ideas into words and advertise them. Blogging will help the business owners to post information updates regarding the products. The consumers and customers can leave their feedback and comments in the blogging system. This will help in establishing a trust and reliability about the business.

Content writing and article marketing will help to get quality traffic to the official websites. This will also help in spreading the awareness about the products. Content is king when it comes to marketing. Keep the information to be very interesting. Consistent and authenticated information should be used to speak about the products. Brand credibility will be improved. The above social networking sites will help you to build the contacts and your pleasing content will make them glued to your updates.


Marketing and branding go hand in hand. It takes time to build up the reputation. It requires special attention in the long run. Setting up accounts in these social media sites and getting in touch with a larger customer base will offer a greater opportunity to build the brand name. It helps your audiences to remember your name. Dare to be different and use the technology to build your profile. Make it big and make it large!

kateprint 19Aug2012 22:29

Re: How To Use Social Media To Brand Services And Products
You can also add Pinterest there. It has been reported that Pinterest drives in considerable traffic to your sites. It's like a pin board with a virtual taste. It has grown really great in a short span of time. In fact, it has now more members than LinkedIn.

micheal.burns1 5Oct2012 11:58

Re: How To Use Social Media To Brand Services And Products
Yup!! On Pinterest its easy to promote yourself. Just follow the people and they will follow you if they are interested in what you share with the community.

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