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sh4sh4 18Aug2011 11:35

Videoconferencing program help
Hello All,

I need to make videoconferencing program with C# or Visual Basic .is there any ready program to download or how can i make it.

Please ,I am waiting Help

Thank you

Scripting 24Aug2011 02:18

Re: Videoconferencing program help
Hi, I recommend you to start with the less difficeult programms, not anon with such one. Try to learn and when you will be skilled enough, you can try to make even so difficult one.

Syperus 6Sep2011 00:21

Re: Videoconferencing program help
Going to agree with Scripting, if your writing this to learn C# you'll want to start with smaller projects. If your already working on this project and your stuck at a certain part, posting the code where your problem is would allow us to help you. If you still haven't started this and are wanting to learn how, do some research. I would advice you looking up Windows Media Encoder, Codec Support, and .NET server components to get you started. Hope this helps

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