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DavCel 10Aug2011 13:22

Newbie in Go4expert
Good day to all, I am Zac, This is a good forum for the experts and the upcoming experts out there. Let's help each other reach our goals and be expert on every specialization that we chose. :)

Where can you edit your SIGNATURE in your post? thanks.

shabbir 10Aug2011 15:15

Re: Newbie in Go4expert
Hi and welcome to the forum and as you get to double digit post count your signature option will be enabled. Allow few minutes to let the cron job run and set your permissions accordingly.

DavCel 11Aug2011 05:38

Re: Newbie in Go4expert
2 digits post right? Thank you admin shabbi :)

shabbir 11Aug2011 13:25

Re: Newbie in Go4expert

Originally Posted by DavCel (Post 85958)
2 digits post right? Thank you admin shabbi :)


Putin 13Aug2011 13:34

Re: Newbie in Go4expert
[quote=DavCel;85925]Good day to all, I am Putin from i agree with you and to my self i am no expert and realy need help in so many things so please :) keep what you are doing and you will help ppl more than you think. Thanx

john1110 13Aug2011 19:42

Re: Newbie in Go4expert
yes its a good forum site ...............

hanleyhansen 15Aug2011 18:32

Re: Newbie in Go4expert
Welcome everyone! This is the place to be if you really want to learn.

lucky4life 4Sep2011 05:38

Re: Newbie in Go4expert
Wat up guyz

hanleyhansen 4Sep2011 06:43

Re: Newbie in Go4expert
:welcome: lucky4life

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