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amankumar 9Aug2011 16:37

information of photoshop
please help me understanding the Photoshop tools.

shabbir 9Aug2011 17:57

Re: information of photoshop
Refer to the Official help doc as that is the best source of help to learn the tools.

hanleyhansen 9Aug2011 19:20

Re: information of photoshop
You can also find a bunch of youtube videos that explain the different tools in details.

rkraj 10Aug2011 10:18

Re: information of photoshop
You can take help from the adobe photoshop online help desk....

jhon786 18Oct2011 16:43

Re: information of photoshop
There are lot of online tutorials materials for free you can go for that. eg photoshopessentials ect

marino.DV 26Oct2011 03:12

Re: information of photoshop
also there are numerous online tutorials free and paid.
i would recommend all those coming from lynda.com

judthryn 11Nov2011 11:17

Re: information of photoshop
you can always look upon the tutorial from adobe learning (adobe website).

silvan4now 7Dec2011 17:21

Re: information of photoshop
or you can just go and search for some tutorials on lynda.com and you will understand the general things about it

edwardallene 20Apr2012 12:07

Re: information of photoshop
I am not also knowledgeable with all the tools in Adobe Photo shop but with the help of online tutorial I understand somehow the general things about it. You may undergo online tutorial by yourself so that you will clearly understand the usage of each tools in Photo shop.

Derby11 20Apr2012 18:20

Re: information of photoshop
Hey dude, If you really want to learn about photoshop and how to use it. The best way is to watch their tutorials and do practice that will make you good in photoshop. Good luck!

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