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Webdeveloper 2Aug2011 18:18

Android Trojan record phone calls
Hi Guys,

Hope you must be having a smartphone like many others??If yes, then it will surely interest you. Unlike earlier when Android Trojan recorded incoming and outgoing calls, it will now record phone conversations. Ahhh. I expected this expression O_O. Conversations will be stored in AMR format and recording in memory card. Access to third-party app is the reason that it is prone to virus. But the solution as security researchers suggested is installation of anti-virus in Android. Do you think anti-virus will work???


Maneet Puri

eBiz 2Aug2011 19:45

Re: Android Trojan record phone calls
Where did you hear about this news?

shashikantchauhan 29Jul2014 11:35

Re: Android Trojan record phone calls
i dont think this is true. because you can store your voice recording in memory card directly. no trojan was there to record your calls.

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