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learner guy 2Aug2011 06:01

watermark application in php
hello everyone ,
i am given an assignment which has two requirements

-create online watermark application

-make watermarked photos available to download in zip format

i just want to know is this possible in php ?
if so plz give some reference links from where i should study about it .

anilkamble 3Aug2011 17:19

Re: watermark application in php
it is possible in php using external classes.
u can search it on google u wil get more info.

pein87 7Aug2011 11:32

Re: watermark application in php
Yes using the built in functions you can perform this easy

for image functions see GD


for compression check zlib


heres an example of adding watermarks


then once its been watermarked just compress it and move it to another directory or store it in the database(not recommended).

hope this helps

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