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smfaizhaider 22Jan2007 13:12

Suppose i draw a circle in turdo c ,how can i get the hard copy of the drawn circle through programming?

Colin Mac 22Jan2007 18:45

Re: Question
You could do a print screen and paste it into something like MS Word.

DaWei 22Jan2007 19:06

Re: Question
If you want to do it programmatically, you have to send the data to the printer, using its own specific device capabilities. Your OS or a library may provide you with an API function for this, or you might have to roll your own.

If you don't have a very, very good reason for using Turbo C (such as a requirement from an antiquated school, or a 1980s vintage IBM 286-12), then I suggest that you get a modern compiler. There are many good free compilers available that will meet current language standards to a much greater extent.

You should also make your subject lines descriptive. This makes the forum searchable for those with similar questions. Almost every post qualifies as "Question" or "Help!!!!". You might want to read the "Before you make a query" thread. Upper right of your screen.

friendsforniraj 29Jan2007 18:26

Re: Question
you can redirect the output to the printer from dos shell
read about the redirection operator in dos
run your exe file in dos redirectin the output to the printer
i hope that works

DaWei 29Jan2007 20:00

Re: Question
Please read the question and refrain from giving bogus information. I/O redirection in the command shell redirects the stdin/out/err streams, which are character streams. They have nothing to do with painting a circle on a hard-copy device.

friendsforniraj 30Jan2007 17:23

Re: Question
thank you Dawei
for tellin me that

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