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Prasanna S 26Jul2011 08:03

Link Building Explained
Links are the lifeline for a successful website. Links will generally take the users to the preferred web pages on visiting a website. These links will actually provide a roadmap of the website and its functionalities. The links can be classified into two types namely: Inbound and outbound links. The link concept is important from a SEO’s perspective too! They have become a necessity in the current market scenario that would help the website to be listed on the top for the respective keyword search.

Who should build text links?

It is mandatory that every website owner should start doing link building that would help the number of inbound and outbound links. This will help them in getting better organic traffic in the long run. These links can attract a lot more visitors to the website. Hence, people who would like to kick start their online campaign for marketing and advertising can take these efforts to popularize their website. People who are engaged in constant blogging activities and who want to take their blogs, forums, websites to the next level should also opt for such link building services.

Why should you do link building?

Google would like to see the pages of a website to be connected well in an organized manner. It will be beneficial if some of the outbound links that you have added will lead to quality links. The other websites must have a good opinion about your website. So, what is the way to decide about this thought? This point can be proved only if such quality websites have got inbound links to your website. This incident will make sure that other websites would like to associate with your website and it will be considered as a valuable resource to the internet users. If this is the case, Google will find it very hard in preventing your website from getting a top notch search engine ranking.

Why should you be careful with link building?

Link building is not just an ordinary SEO activity. This will help in determining the site’s reputation. If your link building services company does not do any kind of justice, it might harm your reputation with the search engines and might even be blacklisted. It will be possible to generate tons and tons of back links. However, there will not be any quality and all the efforts might go in vain.

Link building should seem to be very natural. It must happen over a period of time and any unprecedented rise in the number of links will raise an alarm with the search engines. If you receive any back link, there should be something which was admired by the other website which made them to have a back link. If the link building services company tries to generate thousands of links in a short span of time, the search engines would assume that you are cheating the system.

Careful link building will help your website to find out anchor text links which will be of great help. These text links are very important as they speak volume about the exact keywords that you would wish to target for. It is not possible to get exact anchor text link every time but a careful link building strategy will be of great help to avail the same.

Link building challenges

The most important hurdle is to get the other websites link with yours. Generating tons of back links in a short span of time should not be a problem. However, Google is not stupid to accept these links instantly. A sudden jump in the number of reciprocal links will ring an alarm. The importance of these links would be treated virtually as zero. Hence, it is important to hire a professional SEO service company to execute the smart strategies to improve your visibility and search engine ranking.

Myths About Links

The biggest myth about links is regarding penalty. Some say outbound links hurts, some think that too fast incoming links hurts. Build deep links to your site's content naturally over a period of time.

The other myth for link building is about website PageRank. Certain people argue that getting back links from websites that has got no relevance is of no use. Even if the site has got no relevance but has got higher PR, it will definitely has an impact in your website. Hence, do not avoid such back links.

How to build links

It makes no sense for me to be saying how to go about building links to your website when you can read The Ultimate Guide to Link Building by Shabbir himself

Quality Back Links

A strong back link is a one when you are linked back from a relevant website with a great amount of authority and quality. If Google believes that a website has great authority over its information, it also assumes that sites that are referred will also be of great quality.

The above described facts and information will be of great help if you want to start up the process of building back links.

nirma1230 26Jul2011 11:40

Re: Link Building Explained
link building is very important in seo, i will explain it simply that Link Building is the process of creating inbound links to ones own website. This can be done by reciprocal links, being listed in e-zines, newsletters, directories, search engines, etc. Link building is one of the best ways to make your site popular. There are few types of linking one of which is reciprocal links.

Reciprocal links or link exchanges is the process where two webmasters agree to show the other's link on their website. After link building when the number of sites which link to a particular site is known as link popularity which helps in the search engine ranking of a website.

There are many advantages of link building.

1. Link building helps in getting quality traffic from relevant sites which increases sales.
2. Also when there will be high quality incoming links the site will also be seen as a valuable resource.
3. Link building helps in creating awarness, visibility and credibility of your site.
4. The site also obtains wider search engine exposure.
5. It also helps the website get indexed by search engines.

Today links have become important for all websites and they are worth the money. In fact, there are several companies dedicated to selling links (as opposed to companies that you can pay to do link building for you)

Prasanna S 27Jul2011 07:58

Re: Link Building Explained
Its a great addition Nirma. Valuable points. Nobody can deny the importance of these SEO works. They give us a lot of quality traffic. If people can take it seriously and do, the sites can get better rankings.

seoforums85 29Jul2011 15:19

Re: Link Building Explained
link building is the great way to boost keywords quickly

amber.long83 4Aug2011 10:45

Re: Link Building Explained
Hey thanks for describing very useful details about link building. it really help me to understand the process

Prasanna S 5Aug2011 15:03

Re: Link Building Explained
Thanks a lot for sharing your views here. It will be great if someone can really benefit from the information.

maricelibe 6Aug2011 18:56

Re: Link Building Explained
earlier we are only consider about building links but now we need to most familiar link building terms i.e Link Velocity and Link Acceleration

Prasanna S 7Aug2011 17:20

Re: Link Building Explained
Hi Mari.... It will be great if you can explain a bit on what do you mean exactly mean by velocity. I think it will be a great addition. If not, i will try to come up with more points on this topic. I believe it will give a delightful insight into this topic.

maricelibe 9Aug2011 16:17

Re: Link Building Explained
yes i love to discuss more about them here so
Link Velocity: It is frequency at which you are Building Link to your website also you can say that speed you are working to Build backlink of your website which is measure in factor that how much link you build in particular period of time and Link Acceleration: You now know what is Link Velocity but what matter more now is Link Acceleration and it is defined as Rate at which your link velocity increase in fixed period of time is known as Link Acceleration

rkraj 10Aug2011 10:27

Re: Link Building Explained
Great post indeed...
Well step by step explanation...

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