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aarisindia 25Jul2011 15:57

PPC against SEO? What's better?
Is it better to stick to long term*SEO*strategies or add a PPC to my marketing tool? I would really appreciate some professional advice here. Please send in your thoughts and opinions to the post.

asthamishra 3Aug2011 14:22

Re: PPC against SEO? What's better?
SEO needs atleast 6 months for showing results, but in PPC results show immediately.
Thus a PPC initially for the results but for consistent results SEO is the only option.

addisgil 8Aug2011 11:23

Re: PPC against SEO? What's better?
PPC is Totally Paid and give traffic immediate whereas SEO is free but get time in result

keyideas 5Oct2011 16:43

Re: PPC against SEO? What's better?
If you are targeting instant traffic at your website then PPC is the best option but if you have patience and wait for visitors after long wait then SEO is good. If you are expert in optimizing your website by using white hat SEO then I will suggest you to go the SEO because PPC campaign is costlier but SEO does not need more investment.

sarah189 21Nov2011 17:18

Re: PPC against SEO? What's better?
For me, i give my vote on SEO. Although PPC gives faster results, you have to spend some money to have the results you wanted. While with SEO, you will get your backlinks without spending a dime. Work and effort to achieved long term results. This is just how I see the difference of the two and anyone can object.

Click SSL 25Nov2011 12:32

Re: PPC against SEO? What's better?
As per my opinion SEO is better than PPC. One main reason, SEO is more affordable than any PPC campaign. Search engine optimization is best way to get our ROI.

jhonden 25Nov2011 13:34

Re: PPC against SEO? What's better?
Though PPC shows instant results but it is just a temporary solution whereas SEO no doubt take little time but it makes sure that once it is on top nothing happens to it for a longer period. I prefer SEO then PPC. Anyways PPC for a new site will be little cumbersome also.

interactiveweb 25Nov2011 17:36

Re: PPC against SEO? What's better?
PPC is a paid and it gives immediate results and also costly for you but SEO is a organic process and a long term beneficial.

TM-Ali 26Nov2011 17:27

Re: PPC against SEO? What's better?
PPC and SEO both play an important role in Internet marketing. If you have enough budget to run campaigns and want instant results then PPC is best option. But when we talk in terms of money and long lasting results then SEO is the better option.

oneworld 18Jan2012 13:43

Re: PPC against SEO? What's better?
SEO is better than PPC.PPC is a paid service. So its results are fast and temporary whereas SEO is a free but it provides long lasting results.

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