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Emerogork 24Jul2011 06:58

vb2008 VS vb2010
Is there any way to get a description of the differences between VB 2008 and VB 2010. The University has decided to change for 2008 to 2010 and I have ine month to adjust my course.

Scripting 25Jul2011 20:43

Re: vb2008 VS vb2010
I can tell you one difference, forget about 2010, it sucks a lot !

Emerogork 26Jul2011 16:10

Re: vb2008 VS vb2010
Easily said but what is it about it that you don't like? Is it worse than VB2008?

Emerogork 28Jul2011 23:28

Re: vb2008 VS vb2010 (revisited)
Easily said, but what don't you like about 2010?

ManzZup 17Aug2011 08:54

Re: vb2008 VS vb2010
well @ the time of beta there were many errors [because obviously MS had a pain ta release all the stuff at once to give it a grand effect like .net framework 4, silverlight all with VS2010]
but i really dont know about the 2010 one, because i'm always happy with 2008

but let me point some things if you are changing your IDE of your course
what ever the IDE is the language is the same [thw worst thing that can happen is to be limited to a IDE :S]
what they put in the new version are the new framework, classes to use those or the wrappers and some new controls to make the life easier
but that doezt mean that with VS2010 your going far behind generations, the truth is you can ALWAYS get all those controls, but you will have to make them yourself

and about the .net framework, i really hate being dependent on a framework to run [but it is of course in level when we concoder the comfort of code we recieve in turn :D]
but selecting .net Framework 4 only would sure to give your many pains as it wasnt not there even with windows 7
that mean the user will definietly need to download the run time environment [yes there's an option for previous versions]
so think about these before moving to the other :)

Scripting 20Aug2011 16:00

Re: vb2008 VS vb2010 (revisited)

Originally Posted by Emerogork (Post 85529)
Easily said, but what don't you like about 2010?

Its really very slow, unless you dont own some Core i7 processor, it will be pain in ***. It has many bugs too, even the newest version...
Simply I do not recommend you to use it ...

I was using the 2008, it was no perfect, but still not so laggy as 2010, now I use to use VC++ 6.0, although it doesnt support some new technologies, its very good and fast and without so much bugs, it was really the top of the best in the times it was released, this cannot be said about 2008 nor 2010 .

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