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ajjusingh87 23Jul2011 00:20

banifits of a blog ?
tell me what is the banfits of blog cretion ?

shabbir 23Jul2011 08:58

Re: banifits of a blog ?
You have posted this question in SEO forum and so I would say you have not benefits of creating a blog and not at all for the kind of spellings you write with.

asthamishra 25Jul2011 17:52

Re: banifits of a blog ?
There are various benefits of blogs:-
1.Advertisement or promotional tool.
2.Create back-links to the main website.
3.Through actively participating through blog commenting and replying, one can create and sustain interests for the concerned product/service or the company.

abhaysingh 25Jul2011 18:15

Re: banifits of a blog ?
Blog Creation is a Place Where anyone can share his ideas views about any topic without any Time Limit and Censorship.Also The Most Important Thing of Blog is You Don't Have To Pay Money For Giving and Taking any Information About query.also Give a Platform to know more about things Around Us.

steveschmidt85 27Jul2011 11:56

Re: banifits of a blog ?
Good blogs drive traffic to your site, Can generate good back-link and also generate revenue

enni 8Sep2011 17:10

Re: banifits of a blog ?
With the blog, you can get the traffic, back links and high PR for your site but you have to write the quality and fresh contents, use do follow links and high PR site for your blog. Blog is important to promote your business as well.

dinahcarry 11Oct2011 08:25

Re: banifits of a blog ?
Blog is one of a good backlinks to your site. Blog is one of the best step to increase and to follow your blog or site. It's because to the article that in your blog. Be sure that your article is good and its fresh.

Click SSL 12Oct2011 12:01

Re: banifits of a blog ?
Main benefit of blog posting or creation is we can generate good traffic for our websites. We can choose our template which we like or also design it our self. Blog is place where we can easily share all information about out company and also promote our products their as per following guideline of that platform.

jhon786 13Oct2011 12:17

Re: banifits of a blog ?
A Good blogs drive traffic to your site, it Can generate good back-link but remember one thing the content quality must be excellent don't use repeated or copied contents.

TM-Ali 20Oct2011 10:26

Re: banifits of a blog ?
Benefits of blog Creation & Posting
  • Contextual Links from Blog Entries
  • Get quality traffics with informative and fresh content
  • Revenue Generation
  • Online Visibility

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