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noobcoder 17Jul2011 15:39

String Arrays..
Hi! Good day. Uhh..I'm still learning how to use C. I'd like to ask for help about storing arrays..
here's how it goes..

When I input a string/char I'd like to store it an array. E.G. "Hi" output will be H i. God. I'm having a hard time explaining this..

I give another example...I input Hello World the output will be.. H e l l o W o r l d

any help?:confused:

poornaMoksha 18Jul2011 17:40

Re: String Arrays..
Follow these steps :

- Declare a character array of (say) 50 bytes
- use 'getchar()' or 'gets' to accept input.
- Store the input in array.
- Print the array (as required).

xpi0t0s 19Jul2011 12:16

Re: String Arrays..
Something like this maybe?

char *str="Hello world";
for (int i=0; str[i]; i++)
  putchar(' ');

noobcoder 19Jul2011 18:17

Re: String Arrays..
Okay thanks! Great help! :)

noobcoder 19Jul2011 18:23

Re: String Arrays..
BTW, Is there a way to cast a number like from hex to decimal? or is it just for Int, Char, and etc?

noobcoder 19Jul2011 18:28

Re: String Arrays..
NVM i got it. XD

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