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Click SSL 15Jul2011 17:59

Does anybody know?
hello mates,

Any of you know that today is 5th anniversary of Twitter...

shabbir 15Jul2011 19:50

Re: Does anybody know?
Nope and thanks for sharing but SEO forum is not the right place. Moved to chit chat

john1110 25Jul2011 15:24

Re: Does anybody know?
Thanks to give the information about twitter birthday..............

justincamp 9Aug2011 19:33

Re: Does anybody know?
what have done on this occasion

john1110 10Aug2011 12:20

Re: Does anybody know?
I don't know how to celebrate this ocassion and i don't know what we have to do.....

allin143 23Aug2011 17:37

Re: Does anybody know?
Well thanks for the information.Twitter is a popular social networking site so all twitter user should know about twitter's anniversary.

Scripting 24Aug2011 02:20

Re: Does anybody know?
Lol, its my birthsday too :D

pramodets 5Sep2011 16:34

Re: Does anybody know?
Good news for twitter user.

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