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PungieEC 20Jan2007 22:31

Net work variables in VB 6
Hi there.

I'm trying to pass data from one vb6 application currently with winsock to update variables over a network connection on another vb6 application. This is getting lengthy and slows the performance of my application down, and this is a very critical application that is going to run a factory with PLC's.

Is there another way? I have seen a ad-on which I downloaded. It's called Edelwise Basic Variables. It is nearly what I'm looking for, but variables are limited to the machine.

Any solution? :confused:

pradeep 22Jan2007 11:29

Re: Net work variables in VB 6
I didn't exactly get your query.

PungieEC 24Jan2007 12:07

Re: Net work variables in VB 6
The link you placed is not opening.

pradeep 24Jan2007 12:34

Re: Net work variables in VB 6
What link? Where?? I guess you have posted in the wrong thread!

PungieEC 24Jan2007 14:03

Re: Net work variables in VB 6
You had a link on the page. I am on the right thread. I'm still trying to find a solution to the variable delaration. I need variables in VB6 to be linked via a network to another vb6 application on another machine.

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