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bladesz 6Jul2011 16:06

need serious help
hello can anyone help me to recover a lost password ?? i have tried other avenues but i cannot get in :(

cpulocksmith 8Jul2011 14:18

Re: need serious help
maybe. but there is some info that i need in order to tell if there is any held for ya.
1- what kind of password was it. (example: windows login, router password, internet site password, an encryped drive pass or something.
2- have you logging into it on your computer, cos it may be in a temp file some where

bladesz 12Jul2011 00:38

Re: need serious help
what info do u need ? pse let me no asap as i have important emails to get hold of ie jobs and msgs from my ex-partner

bladesz 12Jul2011 04:53

Re: need serious help
can u help me in this dilema pse as i am now getting desperate as i need to get into my emails as i need to reply to some job offers

cpulocksmith 13Jul2011 12:17

Re: need serious help
what kind of password was it. for an email client? do you have the computer he used it access it with?

bladesz 15Jul2011 22:15

Re: need serious help
no its my windows live account that i cannot get in and i normally use my laptop to do it. i got into it a few weeks ago but my laptop crashed b4 i could change my password and then it wouldn'tlet in to it after i restarted pse can u give me any advice on as to where it may stored on/within my laptop pse any help would be most appreciated thanks billy

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