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protto3 19Jan2007 11:53

remote desktop hacking
how do you hack into windows xp accounts with a remote desktop?
i know u go to start>all programs>communications>Remote desktop
then you log into your remote desktop (ex. Homecomputer:3389) or ( then when it connects to the computer it ask's for password ,does anyone know how to find out what it is? Or hack it?
( I do not know what it is because it is my sisters computer and I want to get into it to mess around)
Thanks e-mail Protto3@aol.com

shabbir 19Jan2007 14:51

Re: remote desktop hacking
Try asking her.

Scripting 22Apr2012 23:43

Re: remote desktop hacking

Originally Posted by shabbir (Post 7889)
Try asking her.

Haha! Good advice :D

mudassir82 10May2012 02:56

Re: remote desktop hacking
brother this is not hacking. this is called remote access

Alex.Gabriel 13May2012 22:08

Re: remote desktop hacking
The requested password is her the password used to login on computer. There are several programs that can find that password from a list but i don't recomend you to do it from your own PC since is using alot of brandwith and some CPU , plus if your logs are seen by some provider administrators you will have to read this topic http://www.go4expert.com/showthread.php?t=26143 to stay on the net :)

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