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santafe37a 12Jun2011 21:00

I will pay you to hack my old Hotmail account!
Hi! Last Sunday on 06-05-11 tried logging onto my Hotmail account. Its been about a week now. Got this message "Your account has been blocked" I have tried following there instructions to the letter. With no luck at all. My old Hotmail account was hijacked. Two people I know had received junk messages that I did not send. So some body was using my Hotmail account. Hotmail Windows Live support is a joke!

I was wondering if somebody could please help me hack my own Hotmail account? If I can get any good results. I would be willing to pay some hacker to help me get back my old Hotmail account? Had this Hotmail account since 04-17-2000 with out any problems until now. Right now I am very desperate willing to try anything! Thank you!

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