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Gogas 11Jun2011 11:53

Completely New To C++
Hi All

I would like learn C++ from scratch, no other programming experience. I have extensive financial planning background (economics, financial markets, managed investments, banking, financial analysis using Excel, and a bit of options trading experience, etc). Used to be good at maths during my early days.

I would like to use C++ for High Frequency Trading but I have no idea where to start.

Timewise - I have about 12 months or so to be compete in C++, not necessarily an expert. Prefer to do it part time, I have about 4 or so hours a day. Budget is flexible, happy to look at all options. Still go a few brain cells left, age on the other side of 40.

I just don't know where to start, colleges, books/materials, ideas!!! ideas!!! please.

Thanks for your help

Gogas :confused:

new guy 11Jun2011 22:30

Re: Completely New To C++
hello buddy,
i own a website. it is a programming forum. if you want then i can write tutorials for you on c++,

just tell me

if u want please visit my website


&ever 11Jun2011 22:35

Re: Completely New To C++
I would recommend "C++ For Dummies." The books are very thorough and very easy to read. Something else I would look into is checking out the C++ section of the forum, be sure to read up on some tutorials posted by the other members and you should get the hang of some of the basic stuff.

I hope this helped!

DJennings 28Jun2011 20:09

Re: Completely New To C++
Hello Gogas,

I am a student of the University of Advancing Technology, and I am currently participating in a class assignment where we are asked to browse certain programming forums and post a response to questions. I noticed your question and remembering that I was in your position not too long ago I thought I could give you some pointers on places to look when you are just getting started.

CProgramming.com/begin.html (A section devoted to beginners)
CPlusPlus.com (A database of information, as well as forums)
CodeGuru.com/forums (More forums)
3DBuzz.com (A website with video tutorials, I found this one particularly helpful)

C++ for Dummies (As mentioned above)
C++ How to Program (This is the textbook we are using for class, very helpful)
Beginning C++ (I have heard good things about, though I haven't read it myself)

I hope that you find at least some of these resources useful. I know that I have.

ManzZup 3Jul2011 20:43

Re: Completely New To C++
there are tons of books/tutorials
but basicallt i always found complete references and the dummy books are the most informative and noob friendly :D
and learning C++ as a complete begginer is really realy good because you can grasp a good amount of concepts though the language unlike using VB :D

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