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thebeastreturns 7Jun2011 18:55

Decryption help!
Well, this whole thing originally started with me trying to get a rar file that was pw protected open.. Long story short, i found another copy that was not protected, but the process here really frustrated me, and I feel that i should really have a better understanding as to how this works.

344e534a6c4e534a6c506141742f6e4a455a7038702f6e4572 7158686e62363f58626d3676366c44596659363662534a4345 5965304a6d4f6435654563517a516451ec654d424551726e4d 41742f6e4a455a7038702f6e45727158686362474f586c6f50 556e6865486b454136306f4551356551552f4545425a616477 516d513266696845454550c24579413037654f6b3565724c6e 6f45767165682f623f4f​64454d436e386e4a6f6b594130516 14571796d4e742f4565782f6545

Decrypt Method
Hex > Reverse String > ROT-13 > FERON-74 > BASE-64 > ATOM-128

That was all the info given. Now i found the page crypto.com, which has everything but the ROT method, but I'm totally lost as to where I went wrong/didn't start right in the first place.

My assumption is to take the string, and decrypt it down the line, starting with hex. This has gotten me nowhere. ANy advice? Not looking for the answer, I actually want to know how to do this or why I'm getting it wrong..


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