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superhero 4Jun2011 02:31

Fast internet
Can I bond multiple internet servies together to get better speed?

shabbir 4Jun2011 09:47

Re: Fast internet
What type of services?

xpi0t0s 4Jun2011 16:39

Re: Fast internet
Ask them.

barbarahambly 19Apr2013 17:58

Re: Fast internet
No its not possible if you want to get a high speed on internet so you only take one plan just like a unlimited plan in this you will get a high speed.

sparticus 10Sep2013 03:46

Re: Fast internet
I always wondered if I could have to gige ports on the same motherboard, and have two internet services, and then partition my server or linux box to assign various services to a specific ethernet port. i.e. run a bit torrent client on one, and a minecraft server on the other.

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