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TechNoob 1Jun2011 20:26

Locked out of Hotmail Account, Need Help Please.

I was recently locked out of my Hotmail account. For some background, I was converting my passwords to KeePass files (very long, obscure, nonsensical passwords) and had completed the process when my power went out. Of course, the password to my Hotmail account was changed, but it did not save in my KeePass file; in short, I now have an incredibly complicated password for my hotmail account and no way to get in. I have spent three days battling with customer support, providing them with verification information, and waiting on-hold for a representative, but I have now resigned myself to attempting to hack back into the account.

Unfortunately, I am a terrible hacker. Does anyone know how to hack into a Hotmail account? This is my account, and I know, I know, it sounds like I'm just trying to break into someone else's, but I really need to check it since it is my student email account (my school uses Hotmail). Any help would be appreciated.


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