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Suhana 30May2011 16:35

help on Spark files
Hi all,
I am completely new to PHP,spark view engine..
I need to handle a website which involves codes developed in PHP,spark.
Can anyone tell me what is a spark file and how is it related to PHP?
I dont know how to create a spark file.I surfed the net..but couldnt get any knowledge on spark.
Pls help me...its really urgent..


pein87 1Jun2011 12:08

Re: help on Spark files
Spark is a ASP.NET view and has nothing todo with PHP. I assume its similar to a template file that contains the presentation of a page. You need visual studio or visual web developer to use it, or at least thats my assumption. Web Matrix might be able to install this view engine but I'm not sure I'm having difficulties with my Web Matrix since I changed my system language. Just so you know PHP wont be able to read this .spark file unless someone makes a port to php for this view engine.


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