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MstrPBK 28May2011 10:37

New User: VB 2010 Variable syntax
I am relearning BASIC after 30 some years. I have done some reading, but what I am reading is not matching how VB 2010 is responding. The problem I think the longer time user ought to see (probably easily) but as a novice the answer is just going over my head.

Problem: I have assigned a series of integer variables: V01 to V10. The variable name representing the letter V zero [followed by a number 1 to 10]), VB 2010 is not accepting them even though they seem to me to fit the accepted syntax of what a variable ought to be.

Could some one please explain to me what I am doing wrong?

Peter Kelley
St. Paul, MN USA

ManzZup 3Jun2011 22:13

Re: New User: VB 2010 Variable syntax
your question is not clear enough for a good answer
but i would be great if you could post your code and indicate the code where you get an error

MstrPBK 6Jun2011 08:06

Re: New User: VB 2010 Variable syntax
Then let me restate the question ...

Variables: V01; V02; V03; V04; V05; V06; V07; V08; V09; V10

Question: Why would these variables be accepted in Dimensioning statements and IF/THEN Statements and not in FOR/NEXT statements? Is there something about variable syntax that I am not understanding in Visual BASIC 2010?

How much more clear can this question be?

St. Paul, MN USA

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