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annitaz 26May2011 10:56

data sructures queues
template < class Object>
void fix(queueType < Object> &q, int n)
if (n>=1)

Object temp = q.front();


(a)what will the final state of queue q1 be after the statement fix(q1,2); is exexuted, if q1 has the values (1,2,3,4,5}

my answer: {2,3,4,5,1} because q.addQueue adds an element at the back
step 1: if (2>1) true
step 2: element {1} added to temp
step 3: q.deleteQueue(); deletes element{1}
step 4: fix(q1, 2-1)
step 5: q.addQueue(temp); element{1} is added at the back of the queue

(b) what does function fix() do?

It restores the deleted element at the end of the queue

(c) A precondition for fix() is: The queue exists and it is not empty

What do u think? Are my answers correct?

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