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nitya1986 22May2011 16:15

Plz help me out
hello friends:)
I m beginner in Ethical hacking field n I m learning it :)
But the main problem is they r teaching me with tools which is not cool.
I want to do hacking without the help of these tools

So I request u all to plz help me :)
Plz tell me names of some good books n sources where I can Learn actual Hacking:)

lionaneesh 22May2011 20:34

Re: Plz help me out
Hey nitya ,

I understand your feeling of not to be called a "Script Kiddie" , but you must understand a major part of Pen-Testing/Hacking , KNOW YOUR TOOLS , I dont recommend you to be totally dependent on GUI tools and Point and Click hacking!
But tools have their own importance! You cant avoid them!

The difference between a script kiddie (Dependent on Tools) and a Real Security pen-Tester is that a Pen-tester faces different situations and solve them by making customized scripts and Programs which a skiddie only dream of!

So , To be a successful security pen-tester you have to use tools but at the same time know its working , Customize it , Make Scripts , Automate Tasks , Make Programs , Know networking etc!

Suggestions :-

Read books on Networking
Learn Programming (A Major Part)
Learn about Open-source
Learn about Linux , and its Shell Scripting

mike_12 30Dec2011 11:43

Re: Plz help me out
start using online tutorial, and you tube for your study purpose. learn from it .

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