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infoway 17Mar2005 14:27

New site how to raise traffic and PR?
Good question:

First of all we have to catagorise business and potencial market.

Like: if your business concentrating on hosting business then you have to start exchange link with hosting related sites and webmaster related sites as well.

But your first question will be how I can approach other sites webmaster?
You have to send link exchange proposal email explaining, you are interrested to place his or her site link in your site as sitewidth OR receprocal link exchange. Do not forget to tell your site present search engine ranking and how many pages crawled by google and Present PR. which keywords you are in top 10. (Always creates sitemap page in your site for excellent search engine feed.)

But most case if your PR is NONE/0/1/2 then no one reply you for link exchange proposal even who have same PR like your’s. And who have PR4/5/6/7 site they simply ignore your email.

Now what you do to be listed in google, raising PR and traffic?
The only way is submit your site to as much as possible search engine and directory.

(View 1000 search engine list: http://www.onlinewebdirectory.com)

But mind it does not submit your sites in search engine and directory using software OR automated script. Always submit manually, it take time to submit manually in 1000 search engine and directory. Slow but stady progress.

Each month try to search your site in all that search engine and directory where you submit your site.
If your site listed OR not if not submit again manually?

Some company offers manual search engine submission to 1000 SE and directory in $25 and some offer $125. Try avail service who offer $125 because in $25 it is impossible to submit your search engine manually. Mostly this type of companies fakes.

Try to search this type of list and submit your site there. Within 3/4 month you will achive atleast PR3/4 and approx 100 clicks a day.

Now you can expect response from other webmasters.

Note: English is content editor second language. If you can not understand just confirm from editor.

5meodmt 30May2006 15:52

Re: New site how to raise traffic and PR?
Best way i found to raise traffic to start with is to post in forums. The best way to raise PR is to buy one way links

shabbir 30May2006 16:04

Re: New site how to raise traffic and PR?
Buying links is always a good things :D unless and until google does not recognizes it has manipulation of SERP's

5meodmt 30May2006 16:07

Re: New site how to raise traffic and PR?
from what i have heard google has recognised that buying links does affect search engine results and i think they have filters that look for paid links

Jack21 3Feb2007 14:21

Re: New site how to raise traffic and PR?
Hi their

Recently i tried manual directory submission service provided by http://www.submitedge.com.

I purchased 300 directory submission service. I tell you they did a pretty good job in getting me some backlinks.

The directories to which they submitted were in between Pr 6 to Pr 2 that to for 25$.

As well as a featured listing in a pr 3 directory as a bonuse.

Great Service provided I think.

They did the job in 7 days time

shabbir 4Feb2007 08:15

Re: New site how to raise traffic and PR?
submitedge looks a good site but the pr 6 submission is not what I am sure they can be giving you. Is this you site Jack.

Jack21 4Feb2007 08:29

Re: New site how to raise traffic and PR?
No it's not mine. I just have been using their service.

They do give Pr 6 submission.

shabbir 4Feb2007 09:56

Re: New site how to raise traffic and PR?
Is the PR 6 a directory's homepage or the link page is PR 6

Jack21 4Feb2007 10:59

Re: New site how to raise traffic and PR?
These are the few of the Pr 6 Directories provided by them.


shabbir 4Feb2007 12:40

Re: New site how to raise traffic and PR?
Thats what I am saying. The homepage is PR 6 but the page where your link is placed is not even PR 4 or just PR 4 with thousands of outbound links giving you almost no benefit.

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