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shravs 15May2011 09:18

learn linux online
i'm a beginer in linux and i want to learn how to use linux i dont kno where and how to search for online tutorial can some body help me

Alvasin 15May2011 17:17

Re: learn linux online
Linux is an open source operating system which is much more robust and secure than Windows or any other operating system. Most of the IT companies now a days prefer Linux. So why not learn Linux.If you don't know where to start learning, here is the source for you. If the Linux is free to use, why pay for learning Linux. You can learn Linux online for free. Here is the list of sites that you can go to learn linux online for free.

shravs 16May2011 22:49

Re: learn linux online
sorry to say u i guess u forgot to add the links

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