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Wolfpack 14May2011 04:50

Hack a MMO-game?

Im quiet new here! I'm from Sweden so please consider my bad spelling!

I will get right to my question about a MMO game thats called name WOT - World of tanks. That is fully Multiplayer based and free to play! But it takes hell of a long time to rank up the levels so i wondered if there is anyone outhere who have digged in deeper to this game and maybe solved a nice hack to earn Experience Points - XP and Credits - 'Money', in game and might be willing to share the good stuff and write a line or to on how he/she made it!!

Greetings from Sweden - Wolfpack!

Alvasin 15May2011 17:14

Re: Hack a MMO-game?
HackerForever is a game based on the dark world of hackers where you decide how you play the game. You can switch between White Hat (defensive), Grey Hat (neutral) or Black Hat (offensive) roles, which influences the way the game responds to attacks or hacks. You can become a trader or a well known server killer.Try to level up the World Rank ladder by gaining Experience Points and Skill Points. These are gained by doing various hacks on systems and servers and by doing contracts. Money is important to keep your system up to date and to buy hack tools. To make money you can do contracts or you install profitable software on one of your servers.

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