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jazzlall 16Jan2007 23:47

Query on creating database for shop
Quite new the world of access - I know the basics pretty much. What I wanted to know, and I am sorry if this sounds like a really stupid question, but hoping someone will be able to give me some advice.

I am looking to design a database in access which is fully accessible on the internet also on a webpage. What would need to be done to achieve, a few people I have spoken to have mentioned ASP.net & ADO.net. This database will be used as a stock control system for my uncles shops, but want it so he can access it anywhere.

Is it just a matter of creating the entire database locally and then using some code to upload it on the internet, making sure my host supports asp etc?

Thanks in advance

pradeep 18Jan2007 10:56

Re: Query on creating database for shop
You need to have the MS Access file on the same server as the ASP file. If you put up your web application on the internet, you can access it from anywhere in the world.
You can connect to the MS Access file using ASP/ASP.NET by either creating a system DSN or by specifying the .mdb file as the Data Source.

HairyMike 18Jan2007 16:50

Re: Query on creating database for shop
Why not use something like oscommerce?

jazzlall 22Feb2007 17:28

Re: Query on creating database for shop
I have pretty much completed the access project, which includes tables, forms , reports, queries etc. It also have a front end on for easy navigation for my uncle (it's for him)

Just slightly confused about putting it on the internet now. What would you recommend would be the best way to do this, obviously using ASP is the solution, but what application shall I use. Could it be done in frontpage with aspx files which would trigger the .mdb to be opened through the webpage? Or isn't it as easy as that.

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