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Learner3456 11May2011 21:26

SQL server user account permissions

We are doing some update/maintenance work on our classic ASP site which is backed by SQL Server 2005. The person doing the work comes from outside the company and needs access to the DB server. I was wondering what type of account and permissions he should be given.

The requirements are:

1. Access restricted to only 1 database [INVENTORY]
2. No possibility of creating, modifying user accounts
3. No possibility of modifying, updating, deleting of tables and records
4. Possibility of modifying, creating stored procedures (however the permissible statements should not include commands reserved for DB Admin and Owner accounts).

Thanks a lot to all the helpful Gurus!

mountainman 8Feb2012 20:13

Re: SQL server user account permissions
May be this will help you – Just set up a profiler of SQL server trace to examine the “audit login failed event” to get together detailed information about permissions problems or issues. If you eant further concern of how to use SQL server profiler just check the SQL server documentations in msdn.microsoft.com.

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