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adammarleymtts 3Aug2011 12:40

Re: Google Operators
Wow this is a great tip I can say on Google. It is very good and will be helpful to work on it. Thanks for this wonderful tip on Google operators.

mukeshsoftona 7Dec2011 12:18

Re: Google Operators
Thanks dear. It's new for me......really i got useful info from your post.

maricelibe 14Dec2011 18:01

Re: Google Operators
thanks for sharing meaning and list of these operators but i have doubt on two operators intitle and inurl so please can you clarify what both these operator do ? please brief with eg

jhonden 15Dec2011 13:13

Re: Google Operators
Glad to know it. I always had a problem while searching for relevant data and i got the answer today. Pleased to know it.

Webmastergrace 1Jun2012 15:03

Re: Google Operators
Google Operators is really useful to search specific information on search engine.Thanks for sharing such informative post.

Adamdavid 1Jun2012 15:07

Re: Google Operators
This article which you have posted is a great topic and very helpful and good info. It will help a lot for the beginner's like us. Thanks.

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